Downloads and Survey Materials

Find documents relevant to the survey below.

Please use these sample forms in preparation for the OHYES! You may edit the form timeline or school contact.



           OHYES! Full Survey (111 Items)
           OHYES! Without Sensitive Items (101 Items)        
Recruitment Materials                                
           Parent Letter and Opt Out Form                
Marketing Materials                                
            School Newsletter for Promoting OHYES!            
            School Flyer for Staff       


            OHYES! Brochure
            OHYES! Poster 

Survey Coordinator Tools                                
             Planning Checklist

            Survey Day Checklist

           Steps in Preparing for OHYES

           Steps for Survey Administration

           Protecting Student Confidentiality and Anonymity
           OHYES! Alignment with Other Surveys

           OHYES! FAQ for Community-Level Surveys

           OHYES! FAQ for the Ohio YRBS (CDC)

Accessing Results                                  

           Results Instructions for Superintendents and Principals

           Data User Guide

           Data Codebook

           Superintendents & Principals Results Training Video
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           Instruction Manual

           Public Data Warehouse Results Training Video
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